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Sightseeing Tipp Berlin

Spreefahrten durch Berlin

Wochenend-Tipp Berlin

Berlin Captain‘s Brunch auf der Spree

Reederei Bruno Winkler


Experience Berlin on the water


Dear visitors,

for over 50 years the shipping company Bruno Winkler has been offering you the possibility to enjoy Berlin from its most beautiful side: from the water! While on hot summer days the sweat-soaked crowds aren't having much fun following the traditional tours - we offer you a much more refreshing alternative. With us you have the unique chance to see the countless modern and historical attractions our city has to offer from a completely new perspective. At the same time, our professional staff will tell you everything you need to know about them. Even on the hottest days of the year the light breeze acts as a natural air conditioner, providing a pleasant refreshment from the beginning till the end of your journey. We hope to welcome you soon on board!


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